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Our Most-Watched Webinars of 2021

We shared our most-read blogs from 2021 earlier this week, and now we’re sharing our most-watched webinars from the year. As you look forward to 2022, you can watch or listen to a few of our webinars that our community enjoyed the most. 

Co-hosted with Siteimprove

Most government digital ecosystems are a complex web of platforms, systems, and governance models that are often delicate and difficult to untangle. Some elements may be new, others old and mysterious, but how they connect and work together (or not) is often the biggest challenge that governments face as they look to modernize their digital structures.

Google is prioritizing a new factor in deciding which pages are at the top of search results: your website’s user experience. During this webinar, we covered how the page experience factor works, what aspects of your page experience you should start reviewing now, and what steps you can take now to optimize your website.

Website personalization is not just for online retailers. Mission-driven organizations can also leverage data-driven segmentation to tailor digital experiences with the goal of increasing engagement with their audiences. Our team has built a Drupal-based tool to help your organization deepen connections with your audiences— and we give you a demo!

“Measuring impact” is something we hear frequently as a priority, but it often gets passed over for more urgent tasks. Why? Because impact is a tough nut to crack. Impact means getting comfortable with measuring complex concepts, such as “increase a feeling of inclusivity in a community” or “improve overall well-being.” Impact also requires a relevant framework and consistent tools, which can be hard to develop. But worst of all, there are no set rules, so approaches and terminology can differ majorly from one organization to another, which makes communication and collaboration more difficult.

Co-hosted with Natural Resources Defense Council

In the past year-and-a-half since its launch, the NRDC’s Fighting Polluters Since 1970 digital experience has proven to be a powerful tool in communicating to all NRDC audiences, including bringing internal staff together in powerful ways, to tell the Council’s stories and experiences of fighting for climate. In this webinar, we went back to the very beginning to discuss the process of curating content, visualizing the digital experience, and involving internal teams along the way.

This is just a sampling of the events we hosted in 2021!  You’ll find the rest of our webinars on our Events page where you can request recordings of any of your favorite webinars and sign up for our newsletter to receive invitations to future events. On behalf of the entire Forum One team, we wish you all the best for a happy and successful 2022!

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