Data Management Services

Do you know where your data is? Does it live in multiple locations? And do you have difficulty updating and using your data effectively?

Whether it is the modernization of your intake and storage capabilities, the normalization and clean up of existing data, or simply getting it in a format that enables your organization to use it — your data needs help.

We love data. We can help you with yours.

Forum One helps you make sense of your raw data, and modernize your intake and storage solutions. From setting up central platforms that aggregate, transform and analyze your data, to helping you determine the appropriate format to communicate your data, we are your data partner. Forum One works with you on your data-driven programs and projects so that you can create real-world impact.

Data Normalization

Our team of experienced technical leads and data experts lead you through the critical task of cataloging data sources, standardizing data points across data streams, and preparing a normalized and flexible data model that can scale with your organization for future initiatives and applications.

Data Management

We work with you to design and implement central platforms to aggregate, transform, and analyze data, making it easier for you to understand and communicate the real-world impact stories your data is telling.

Data Support

Forum One works with you from start to finish — and beyond. We are there for you on an ongoing basis to provide technical support in the maintenance of your data infrastructure and strategic support in the analysis and interpretation of new and existing data trends over time.

Our Data Management Services include:

Data systems modernization

Data management design

Data management implementation

Data management hosting

Data management support

Data mapping

Data modeling

Data normalization

Looking for data support?

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