Data Visualization and Infographics

Compelling, interactive and beautifully-designed data visualizations are an important tool you can use to engage and inspire your target audiences.

Data is complex in nature, from the amount of data you have, to the type of data your organization tracks and analyzes. This makes it difficult to translate complicated datasets into a format that gives actual meaning and valuable interpretation to your audiences. We work with organizations to conduct analysis, design experiences based on this analysis, and implement interactive ways to interpret and explore data that open this experience up to your target audiences.

Data Visualization and Infographics

Data visualization and infographics are a great way to visually convey the complicated meaning behind big datasets. We work with clients to understand the significance behind their data and identify key points to communicate to target audiences. Our team of design experts then create compelling and inspiring data visualization experiences to prioritize and convey these critical messages in a format that is easy to understand and highly inspiring.

GIS, Mapping, and GeoSpatial

Geography is the universal connector of data to the real world. We build interactive mapping applications for policy-focused impacts in health, education, environment and other important global issues.

Data Applications

Engaged audiences love data. We can help you create web-based, data-centric applications to let users explore, filter, find and manipulate the data they need to get their work done. Using open source technology combined with user-centric approaches to design, we build data applications that speak to your key audiences, and put your data to work.

Our Data Visualization Services include:

Data visualization design

Data analysis

Data strategy

Interactive data visualization development

Infographic design

GIS, mapping, and geospatial development

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