The success of an online presence is continuously measured by how well your website performs and meets your needs as an organization. Forum One’s support services are designed to drive consistent long-term progress toward your organizational goals.

Our work is anchored in monitoring the performance of your site’s online services within the context of your ongoing digital outreach activities and providing evaluation, adjustment, and re-measurement. We will rely on user testing, audience research, and web analytics to guide our decisions.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Every website or application requires ongoing management of the front-end and administrative functionalities, underlying software, and available services to be successful. We keep your site secure by carefully reviewing all of the available updates, apply security-related updates, and applying any other updates that will improve the functionality of your website. With our dedicated support team of developers, themers, quality assurance testers, digital strategists, and project managers, we have all of your ongoing support needs covered.

Our Support Services

Security patching
Modifying existing content types and block functionality
Fixing bugs
Managing user permissions and troubleshooting user issues
Adding new content views
Improving site speed and performance
Building new site sections and functionality
User interface improvements
Implementing new features
Content strategy and SEO
Website analytics and usability testing
Email marketing

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