UX Information Architecture

Is your site difficult to navigate? Is it a struggle to find the content that your audiences are looking for? We can help you take stock of your content and create a clear site architecture.

The information architecture (IA) is the skeleton of your site and if it’s not thoughtfully designed, your site will lack the foundation it needs to be a successful experience.  IA includes the site structure, navigation, content types, and taxonomies (the categorizations of content on the site – tags). We conduct many activities to ensure that the site IA is built well.

How We Define the IA

We take the time to understand your audiences to ensure that we build a site that is structured coherently and has a usable navigation, ensuring that the user has a clear and easy path through the site. We design the IA so that your audiences can perform all the actions they need to accomplish their goals. We also create a sitemap to define the hierarchy of the pages, a content model to map out what goes on each content type, a comprehensive taxonomy, and ultimately creating well-informed wireframes.

Our Information Architecture Services

User experience audit
Taxonomy and labeling
Content inventories and audits
Content models
User flows

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