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Hacking the Feds: Forum One Among the Winners at GSA Hack-a-Thon

Our team, made up of designers and developers from Forum One, along with Booz Allen Hamilton, Avar Consulting, and IFC International, worked on a solution for IAE’s Vendor Dashboard for Contracting Officers. We were tasked with creating a vendor dashboard for displaying GSA data that would enable procurement officers to… Read More

Google to Non-Mobile Sites: ‘You’re Dead to Me’

Well, it finally happened: responsive design is no longer optional. Starting in April, Google began using “mobile-friendliness” as one of its key criteria for ranking pages in its search results. As has been predicted for years, mobile searches now outstrip desktop searches. Recently, Google announced that this is… Read More

To the Pattern Lab! Collaboration Using Modular Design Principles

Check out our presentation about modular design from Drupalcon 2015 in Los Angeles! Grab our slides (including speaker notes): You’ll learn how to use styleguide/prototyping tools like Pattern Lab to increase collaboration between designers, themers, developers, and clients on Drupal projects. A focus on modular design early… Read More

SEO Cheat Sheet: Tips and Tools for Improving Your Standing in Search

In the SEO arms race, Google is doing its best to ensure the phrase “nice guys finish last” doesn’t apply to websites. Continuing the trend of rewarding sites that have relevant content, straightforward architecture, and strong authority, Google recently announced that they will further reward sites that are mobile-friendly. That’s excellent… Read More

Edge Toolkit: Staying Relevant in the Long Run

Launching a website is just the beginning of a process. Websites need nurturing and care over the long run to stay relevant and effective. This is even more true for a service or tool such as Why would users come back if they can only use the provided service… Read More

TypeScript: Application-Scale JavaScript

TypeScript is an alternative to JavaScript that advertises itself as being more suitable for application development: “TypeScript offers classes, modules, and interfaces to help you build robust components. These features are available at development time for high-confidence application development, but are compiled into simple JavaScript.” It accomplishes this not just… Read More

A Checklist to Jump-Start Your Next Digital Project

As consultants, we've have seen how a variety of organizations — from Fortune 500 and government agencies to small nonprofits — approach their digital projects. We have been fortunate to work with organizations that have done substantial preparation for their projects. We have also helped organizations define a strategy for… Read More

Introducing the Gesso Theme

For the past year, Forum One has been using a Drupal starter theme created in-house to make theming more flexible, consistent, and easier to maintain. This theme is now available on! Gesso (pronounced JEH-so) is an art term for the white paint mixture used to prepare a canvas or sculpture… Read More

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