CX in Government: Creating Inclusive Experiences

There has never been a more critical time for local, state, and federal agencies to prioritize creating an inclusive customer experience (CX).

Digital government services have taken center stage over the past four years—from filling out census data and registering to vote, to filing taxes and signing up for COVID-19 vaccines.

A positive customer experience with a brand, product, or service has a significant impact on an organization’s success. Successful companies have known since the early days of the Internet that focusing on CX to create inclusive, intuitive online experiences has a positive impact on the bottom line.

Government is catching up, with many agencies across the federal, state, and local levels making positive strides—applying innovative technologies and hiring chief experience officers to increase citizen trust and satisfaction at every touchpoint with the agency.

Forum One helps government agencies effectively communicate with their audiences, maximize internal resources to increase return on investment, and modernize technical frameworks. We help local, state, and Federal government agencies update outdated technical systems, streamline internal communications and collaboration processes, and better use the data they have available to make informed decisions when it comes to better meeting citizens’ changing needs. 

In our latest white paper on CX in government, we share insights from Forum One’s digital strategy experts who have spent decades working with government agencies to improve customer experience and user experience (CX and UX) through human-centered design.

Topics covered include: 

  • Why putting people first improves digital experiences
  • What we can learn from successful agencies and projects
  • What we can learn from successful agencies and projects
  • How to implement CX approaches in government services
  • The future of CX in government

Resources and insights

What can agencies do to deliver faster, better, more accessible and inclusive digital services that exceed citizen expectations? Explore our related content aimed to help government agencies improve their customer and user experiences.

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Webinar Prioritizing an Inclusive Customer Experience in Government

In our webinar on Prioritizing an Inclusive Customer Experience in Government, we look at how government agencies can embrace lessons from the private sector to achieve excellence in customer experience.

Our experts

Alicia Rogers, Managing Director, Public Sector Growth
Elisabeth Bradley, Chief Executive Officer
Steven Bond, Vice President, Strategy
Tim Shaw, User Experience Director
Jasmine Patel, Vice President of Design
Corey Jones, Creative Director

Our CX work

Our clients represent some of the most impactful in the public and social sector. We have partnered with many organizations such as the CDC, HHS, Colorado WIC, Fairfax County Public Schools, the Smithsonian Institution, Peace Corps, Baltimore County, and EPA to extend their reach and better serve audiences through digital technology. 

The customer experience looks different for every agency. We overhauled Virginia’s Department of Motor Vehicles (VA DMV) decade-old HTML-and-ASP website into a new customer-centric Drupal 9 website that prioritizes the user’s needs. We help the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) enhance the CX of through new features and design elements, as well as creating interactive education tools and visual assets ranging from print reports to interactive infographics. We have worked with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for over a decade to unify and optimize the agency’s complex online presence, encompassing hundreds of websites. Since 2012, Forum One has designed and built engaging, interactive digital reports to help diverse audiences understand and share results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Nation’s Report Card.

Our previous work and mission aligns with the Customer Experience executive order and will continue to support delivery through a human-centered approach. Forum One’s services are on the GSA Schedule, and we have a dedicated government practice ready to react to your upcoming requirements. For more information on our current contract vehicles and past performances, visit here.

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